Britcar Round 1 - Rockingham

Britcar Round 1 Rockingham 2018.jpg

Marmaduke Hall and Eddy Moore arrived with TMS at Rockingham for the first round of the

2018 Britcar series following a fabulous rookie year in Britcar in 2017.

In 2017 they won the Sprint Class 4 outright, and only just missed raising the overall Sprint Championship trophy by a tantalising 3 points….

Although they had little opportunity to test over the winter months, they both came to Rockingham with a revived sense of purpose and commitment, feeling positive and eagerly awaiting their return to the track and the forthcoming season. They were both delighted with the new Trico wrapping, the G50 looking fabulous, and are delighted to be entering the new season with the continued backing of Trico and Romero Insurance, in addition to welcoming a new sponsor RTC Insulation Ltd.

Testing on Friday morning was damp and slippy, and in line with their experience of TMS’s expertise with the set up of the G50, both Eddy and Marma loved the balance and pace of the G50 reporting that “the car felt fabulous!”…. The feel good factor was present in abundance in the TMS pit garage!

Britcar 2018 -Round 1-Rockingham

The track dried, albeit still cold, testing was going well, both drivers in their respective zones and comfortable with the great set up and feel of the G50 at Rockingham, and then……Coming through the infield, the car picked up a stone which managed to dislodge the alternator belt, which in turn dislodged the oil pump belt….

The pulleys are exposed at the front of the engine, and although all precautions are taken to guard them…’s racing….and these things have a habit of finding a way just when you don’t want or need them to…..

The result, a short period of running without the oil pump carrying out its invaluable role. As soon as the fault was apparent, the engine was switched off and the G50 parked up at the side of the track to be recovered to the pits…..

TMS are never a team to throw in the towel, and after a period of cooling, a very late night and all imaginable efforts, come Saturday race morning the engine was running, with great oil pressure and sounding, did the team and drivers dare hope?…..good……

Practice started, Eddy headed out, he was through a couple of corners…..was it……wasn’t it…..? The answer was known all too soon - the oil pressure disappeared along with the team’s hope of a competitive showing in Round 1…..

Despite the drivers’ ages (still only 16 and 18 years old respectively) they have a maturity belying their years. The collective disappointment was palpable in the pits, shared looks was all that was needed for all to know and share their feelings, nothing needed to be said.

The collective efforts and endeavours of the entire team are clear and resolute - Silverstone GP Circuit, 12th of May is the focus - the team and drivers will be back looking to reap a reward for their efforts…..