Marmaduke Hall's Career and Bio




Marmaduke Hall is based in Halifax West Yorkshire, and outside of racing is studying for his maths, physic and economics A levels at Crossley Heath Grammar school.

Marmaduke’s entry into racing started with a friend’s go-kart party when he was nine years of age.

Competing at an atypical indoor kart track, he immediately demonstrated a calm and smooth driving style, securing top honours, and on leaving the track exclaimed “I’d love to do that!”

That experience ignited his interest and resulted in searching out what and where next.

A ubiquitous google search took him to “start karting” and the Tockwith Motor Sport (TMS) Kart School. A few starter experiences on TMS’s outside kart track reinforced his enthusiasm and led to his first cadet kart.


He spent hours and days on end at Tockwith, applying himself to his new-found interest, developing and honing his skills under the expert eye and tutelage of Simon and Nigel Moore (and the rest of the hugely experienced Moore family!)

After a year of work and the passing of his ARKS test the question loomed of what series to race in?

At odds with the more typical race series for someone of his age (by now 11) Simon Moore suggested entry to the European Pro Kart Endurance Championship (EPEC) for the 2013 season.

EPEC consisted of a combination of 6hr, and the occasional 24hr race with championship rules demanding a minimum weight, sealed unit engines and the use of controlled slicks only, so come rain, snow or shine, slicks it was……

The series was – in the main – the domain of hugely experienced racers, many of whom had 10-20 years racing experience at high level, majoring in incredible consistency, squeezing every inch out of every lap for hundreds of laps, not an obvious starting point for an inexperienced boy of 11 years of age.

Entry into this series saw the start of what continues to be a great and successful on and off-track friendship with Edward (Eddy) Moore from the Tockwith family.



  • 2013 – EPEC - with Eddy Moore

  • 2014 – EPEC - with Eddy Moore

  • 2015 – EPEC - with Eddy Moore

  • 2016 – EPEC - with Aubrey Hall (Marmaduke’s younger brother!) – part season

  • 2017 - British Pro Kart Endurance Championship (BPEC) with Aubrey Hall – part season

Throughout Marmaduke’s time in EPEC and BPEC he has secured numerous podium finishes, demonstrating fantastic consistency and an ability to race at the front of his class in all conditions.

  • 2015/6 – Junior Saloon Car Championship (JSCC)

In June 2015 Marmaduke reached the age of 14 and obtained his Junior Race licence. He entered the JSCC for the end of the 2015 season and continued through into the 2016 season.



Throughout 2015 and 16, he gained invaluable experience of most of the national circuits, securing numerous top 10 places and sufficient signatures to allow him to immediately upgrade to a National A race licence on reaching the age of 16 in 2017.

  • October 2016 - Asian Le Mans Series – 1st round Zhuhai China

Marmaduke had the opportunity to work as a fire marshall, for the first round of the ALMS in China with TMS in their (succesful!) bid to win the LMP3 ALMS championship to secure an entry into the world famous Le Mans 24hr race in 2017.

  • 2017 – Britcar- with Eddy Moore

On reaching the age of 16 in June ’17, Marmaduke was offered the drive with TMS and Eddy Moore in their Ginetta G50 in the Britcar series.

This saw him jump straight from a front wheel drive 100bhp Saxo into a 300+bhp rear wheel drive slick shod Ginetta G50 race car!

His first outing in Round 3 on the Silverstone GP circuit was his first drive in the Ginetta at racing speeds, it was a remarkable change from the Saxo but one which he took in his stride, coming away from his first Britcar round with a 1st in Class, followed by numerous 1st’s and 2nd’s  in class throughout the rest of the season.

  • 2017 – Britcar- with Eddy Moore

2017 was a fabulous first year in Britcar, the preceding table illustrates the success that Eddy and Marmaduke enjoyed, they missed securing the overall Sprint Championship by a tantalisingly narrow margin, 3 points…having been denied 4 race finishes throughout the season due to mechanical DNF’s.


Marmaduke illustrating lines and braking points to Aubrey his 13-year-old brother in the Saxo on a private test day.